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John Gutta for Congress
This book uses historical writings and events to show why we must replace the predatory money based Oligarchic Socialism that Ronald Reagan gave us with the productive labor based policies of classical ( real ) Capitalism prescribed by rational men  - Adam Smith, Lincoln, Locke and Jefferson among them.  Those Capitalist policies include the following:

1.  tariffs on products made by slave wage labor abroad, and

      a living minimum wage at home

2.   Jeffersonian geometrically progressive taxes on estates

       and all forms of personal income

3.   federal regulations that promote fair enterprise

4.   a publicly owned national currency

5.   publicly supported federal lawmakers

The book also shows how these Capitalist policies would create tens of millions of jobs, finance care for our disabled, sick and elderly; restore our infrastructure and environment, eliminate our national debt, and ensure life supporting after-tax incomes for all.

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For a Fair America; the cure for our sick economy





    I was told that this website, particularly its beginning, was far too impassionate,  impersonal,  and academic;   --  so  let  me  begin  again:

   I graduated from a western Pennsylvania H.S. in 1960 and spent the next four years attending college  full time  at night,  while  working  days  in a  Shenango Valley  tube mill.    All but one of that valley's tube and steel mills are now gone; bought, looted, and dismantled by predators financed by Wall Street.  The predators and their financiers became fabulously wealthy;   the towns  and the people  of the valley  were devastated.

    During the 1980's I was GTE Sylvania's High Pressure Sodium R&D and manufacturing engineering manager;  -- based at their Manchester N.H. plant,  but with international responsibilities.

   In 1988, our Manchester plant was still manufacturing both our parts and products entirely in America,  paying our factory workers over $10 an hour,  and making a 15%  profit.

    But we were already considering a core economic policy of Reaganism  -- maximize  profits  by  moving  manufacturing  to  Third  World  nations;   -- he  said  we  should  become  a " service  economy ".


     I quit Sylvania in 1988,  and a few years after I quit most of their manufacturing jobs were in Mexico.  Why?    Slave  wage  labor,  -- and  contrary  to  Reaganite  propaganda, that is the primary reason tens of millions of American jobs remain abroad today.  Reaganism  became  our nation's  disgrace.

     Consequently  I  gave  up  engineering  entirely,   studied  economic  history  and  theory for about 10 years,   made a run for Congress in 1996,   and in  2011 published a book titled  For a Fair America; the cure for our sick  economy.   Reaganism is the sickness,  and  Capitalism  is  the  cure. 

                                                                                                                                                                         In  every society throughout history there have been three classes of human behavior; --   the predatory,  the productive,  and the parasitic.   The primary economic activity of predators  is  always  wealth  acquisition;   --  they  are  " the takers ".  And thanks to the flat tax, slave wage policies of Reaganite lawmakers over the last 30 years,  America's mega-rich predators, less than 1% of us, now have a combined net worth of more than twenty trillion dollars  and  the  bottom  40%  a combined  net worth  of  Nothing. 

 This website,  a summary of my  book,  uses historical writings and  facts to show  Why we  must  scrap  the  predatory,  money  based  economic  scheme  that  Ronald  Reagan gave us;  and replace it with the  productive,  labor based  policies of real Capitalism, prescribed by rational  men,  - Adam Smith, Lincoln, Locke and Jefferson among them.  Those  Capitalist  policies include the following:

1.    Tariffs  on products made by  slave wage labor abroad,  and a  Living  minimum wage

        at home.

2.    Jeffersonian progressive taxes on  estates and  All Forms  of personal income   --

        including  stock grants,  options,  dividends,  and capital gains.

3.     Federal regulations that promote  Fair enterprise.

4.     A  Publicly Owned national currency.

5.     Publicly Supported federal lawmakers.

       All Five  of these  Capitalist  policies have been opposed by a majority of lawmakers from  Both political parties  for the last 30 years.  Why?   --  because lawmakers from Both  political  parties  are  selling  their  souls  to  predators  for campaign  contributions   or  retirement  jobs  worth  millions.

        This is  plutocracy ,  and  these  two  forms  of  bribery  must  end.   Unfortunately, thanks to  five cretins  on our Supreme Court  who can't  see that  money  doesn't  speak ,

  it  buys;   that end  remains  voluntary.   Consequently  my campaign will not accept more than $5 from any individual or organization,  and after retirement from lawmaking I would not accept pay for any work in the future.  If soldiers can sacrifice their lives or their health for this country,  lawmakers  can sacrifice  their incentives  to sell  their votes.

       But this website  has  far more important  news:

      It shows  How  we can end  plutocracy and  Reaganism in America,  and replace them with  democracy and  Capitalism.

        It shows  How  Capitalism would create tens of millions of jobs;  eliminate our national debt;  restore our infrastructure;  protect  our environment;  finance care for our disabled, sick and elderly;   and ensure  life supporting  after-tax incomes for all. 

      So  Please  read  the  rest  of  this  website,  and  carefully  consider the arguments and  policies  that it  presents;  --  before  you  vote  wherever  you  vote  in  this  country.

       I have a confession to make:   Prior to 1990  I was a Reaganite.  I voted for Kennedy in 1960;   -- but for Goldwater in 64,  Nixon,  and  Reagan  twice  because  I  was  so  afraid Lyndon Johnson's 'Great Society' would take from the producers and  give to the parasites until  there were  no willing  producers  left.

      Just as we Reaganites argued,  equality in a parasitic Communist state is wrong;  -- every  adult  able to work for a living  should be required,  by  law,   to do so. 

      On the other hand,    in a country as resource and climate rich as America,  every adult worker could and should,  by federal law,  receive a wage that will support their family,  --  a  living  minimum  wage  that  Reaganites  have  always  opposed.

( Why federal law?  Because otherwise corrupt businessmen will move to slave wage  states  just  as  they  now  move  to  slave  wage  nations. )

       As a consequence of Reaganite opposition to a living minimum wage,  the hourly wages of the majority of adult workers in America fall between the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour and a  living wage for a family of four,  thereby forcing  wives and children  to work.  (  an  indicator of  true  Reaganite  " family  values " )                                                                                                                          

   The Historical argument for Laws establishing economic Justice

       " A nation may be said to consist of its territory, its people, and its laws. "

                                                                                              ---  Abraham Lincoln

       America's territory is one of the richest on earth in climate and natural resources.  Our people have a range of abilities equal to any other.  And so,  by process of elimination,  our  laws  must be the cause of our sick economy.  This  is  good  news.  Territories and  people  are  hard to change.  Laws can be changed with a pen and paper;  -- and the goal of  the laws  must be  justice.

      Why justice?  -- and  why not  freedom?  Ask yourself a question;  -- Was the American Revolution fought to make us free to be as unfair as  England,   or to end  the freedom  of  England  to be unfair?

       The answer is obvious:  The American Revolution was not a war for  freedom,  it was a war against  injustice.  We were a resource rich foreign territory being economically raped by England.  (  a fact that American advocates for military occupations of oil rich foreign territories conveniently forget  )

     But to establish justice for all,  laws must limit the freedom of all.  Why?   Again the  answer is  obvious:  Look at  the  people around  you;  - 

are any two of us equal in  strength,  intelligence,  ambitions,  empathy and  morality?

       Of course not!  -- no two humans ever were equal,  and no two humans ever will  be.

       Because  humans are not equal,  they  cannot  be free,  and  justice  must be the  first and  highest priority of  governments.

​    This self-evident, timeless truth was noted by many great men of history;   ---

       " Human nature will not change.  In any future great national trial,  compared with the men of this,  we shall have as weak and as strong,  as silly and as wise,  as bad and as good .  .  if all men were just,  there still would be some,  but not so much, need of government. "  ---  Abraham Lincoln

     " Still one thing more fellow citizens   -- a wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another,  which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement,  and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned."  --- Thomas Jefferson

     " Every man,  so long as he does not violate the laws of justice,  is left perfectly free to pursue his own interest in his own way."  --  Adam Smith in Wealth of Nations

    " Society is produced by our wants and government by our wickedness;  Were the impulses of conscience clear,  uniform,  and irresistibly obeyed,  man would need no other lawgiver.  Government,  like dress,  is the badge  of lost innocence. "   --- Thomas Paine in Common Sense

      Putting these flowery arguments in blunt, modern language;  There will always be some who are strong but unfair;  some who are smart but unfair;  and so governments are necessary to see that no one is free to rob others  by force  -- the power  of a  superior body,  or  to cheat others by fraud   -- the power of a  superior mind.

        What then,  is the meaning of the word  "liberty" in our pledge of Allegiance and the Preamble to our Constitution?   Abraham Lincoln answered;   ---

        " The world has never had a good definition of the word liberty,  and the American people just now,  are much in need of one.  We all declare for liberty;  but in using the word we do not all mean the same thing. With some the word liberty may mean for each man to do as he pleases with himself,  and the product of his labor,  while with others the same word may mean for some men to do as they please with other men,   and the product of other men's labor.  Here are two,  not only different,  but incompatible things,  called by the same name,  liberty.  And it follows that each of the things is,  by the respective parties,  called by  two different  and  incompatible  names   --  liberty  and  tyranny. "

       The messages from our past are clear:  liberty is not a right to be  free;  it is an obligation  to be  fair.

       Please stop right now!!  Go back to the beginning.  Read and reread the historical quotations again.  Think hard on what they are telling us;  -- because in these few quotations are  the essence of a nation,  the nature of mankind,   and the purpose of laws.

​       To my mind,  these quotations present a  self-evident  argument for a political party advocating liberty and economic justice.  And to my mind,  these quotations,  in combination with the quotations in the chapters that follow,  conclusively prove that the platform of that party must include five Capitalist policies;  --  fair trade, Jeffersonian pro-gressive taxation,  fair enterprise,  a publicly owned national currency,  and publicly  supported  federal  lawmakers.

(   Note:   All  five   policies  are  essential ;    but ,  because  of  bribery ,  all five  have been opposed by a  majority  of  lawmakers from both  political  parties   for  the  last  30  years !   )

        But  mine is  only  one  70 year  old mind,  and  I have  only  one vote.

If liberty and economic justice are to be established in America, a  majority  of  votes  are  needed.

       This need for a majority of votes is very good news;  because it tells us  that  the liberty  and justice  of Capitalism,  as defined  and defended  in writing by great leaders of history,  can be established in America  without the votes of the millions of Fox Newspeak junkies and Limbaugh dittoheads who  won't read  and think for themselves.

        But,  in  spite  of  this  very  good  news,  America  still  has a  " well - funded "  ( bribed )  President  and  Congress  promoting  the  free  trade,  flat  tax  policies  of  Ronald  Reagan !!   Why ??  -- because  the  majority  of  us  continue  to  vote  for  Reaganites.


"Ours  is  a  government  of  laws  and  not  of  men"   wrote  John  Adams.

It necessarily follows that the quality of our laws is determined by the quality  of  the  humans  that  we  choose   to  write  them.

    All of which leads to what might be the most important of all self-evident truths;  -- A  government  of  the  people  and  by  the  people  can be  no  wiser  than  the  majority  of  the  people.  




A woman who read my quote laden campaign pamphlet in 1996 asked me a question:  " Don't you have any ideas of your own ?  "

The answer to her question was obvious:  There  are  no better ideas,  and there  is  no other solution.

(  Note:   I used  business  cards  instead of  pamphlets  during  my  2014 campaign  because  I was  too old  to clean up  parking  lots.  )

A neighbor who read my book in 2012 asked me a question:  " Why should anyone listen to you ? "

Because  my  pitiful  book  sales  proved  that  very  few  were  listening, I made another run for Congress in 2014 to gain a following.  But the  right  answer to  my  neighbor's  question  is a  question;   ---- 

 Considering  the  quality  of  the  men  whose  ideas  I  borrowed,     why  are we  still  listening  to  Ronald  Reagan  ???


      America's predators  ( about 0.3% of us )  now have a combined net worth of over  twenty  trillion  dollars  and the bottom  40% a combined net worth of Nothing.   Why?  Because the flat tax, slave wage policies of  privately owned  Reaganite lawmakers from  Both  political  parties  have  been  "redistributing"  wealth  from  our  producers to  our  predators  for  decades.

     (  Note:  The  effects  of  Reaganomics  have  been  entirely  redistributive  because  it  did  not increase the inflation adjusted rate of GDP growth;  -- Eisenhower years +3%,  Kennedy/Johnson +4.85%, Nixon/Ford +2.8%, Carter +3.25%, Reagan +3.4%, Bush I  +2.2%,  Clinton +3.9%,  Bush II +2.1%. )

Notes  debunking  other  Reaganite  myths:

        The  Reaganites'  global  plantation  economy  benefits  corporations,   not  American consumers.   The  profits  of  the  S&P  500  are  up  over  900%  since 1980  in large part  because  their  global  labor  costs  fell  while  our  CPI  continued  to  rise.

       Carter's policies  did  not  cause the inflation of the 1970's,  and Reagan's policies did  not  end it.  OPEC's tenfold oil price increase beginning in 1973  Nixon was president ]  started the inflation,   and  OPEC"s overproduction  [ the  "oil glut" ]  caused  a  tenfold  oil price  decrease beginning in 1981  [ Reagan's  first  year ]  that ended it. 

        'Businessmen'  who  become  mega-rich  are  not  the  makers ".    If  you still  doubt this,    read  libertarian   economist  Leonard  Read's   1957  essay  " I, Pencil " .

      Reagan  did  not  end  Soviet  style  socialism,  he  adopted  it.   Reaganism,  Plutocratic Mercantilism, and Oligarchic Socialism  all rest on  the same  corrupt foundation; --- control  of  both  the  government  and  economy  by  a  mega-rich  predator  class.

 (  Note:  Read  Adam Smith's  Wealth of Nations carefully;  --- there  should  not  be any  mega-rich  citizens  in  a  Capitalist  society. )

     Addendum (Feb. 2013):  How do policies that favor 1% of Americans become law ??   Bribed  Republicans  and  'Democrats'  collaborate  to  disguise  them.   Consider  the   tricks  they  just  used  to  sneak  a  three  trillion  dollar   estate  tax  cut  for  their  sugar daddies,  the  richest  1%,   past  us : 

     In 2002 a Republican Congress 'temporarily' cut the top marginal estate tax rate from  55% to  50%.  They also dropped the rate to zero for one year,  2010;   -- a cunning  set-up for a  permanent  rate  'increase'  to  far less  than  50%.

      And that  is exactly  what happened.  In Dec. of  2012  a  'Democrat' Senate  wrote  ( and Obama signed )  the  American Taxpayer  Relief  Act  which  gave  the 1%  a permanent  40% 

estate tax rate,  -- 10%  lower  than the temporary  2002  rate,  and 15% ( three trillion  dollars )  lower  than  the  rate  would now be  if our  'Democrat' Senate  and  President  had

let  the  temporary  2002  estate  tax  cut  expire.  (  Note:  That  law   [  which  John  Tierney also  voted  for  ]   did  let  the  temporary  payroll  tax  cut  for  the  working  poor  expire.  )

      What is the Capitalist alternative ??   -- In his book  "Rights of Man"  Thomas Paine,  a favorite of Jefferson,  suggests a twenty to one  wealth ratio between the richest and  poorest   producing  families in a society.

      Do some arithmetic;  Our national net worth ( wealth ) is a little over 50 trillion dollars, and we have a little over 100 million families,  -- or $500,000 per family. Twenty times the average   family  wealth  then,   is  ten million  dollars. 

    So let's be far more generous to our rich than Paine suggested;  No estate tax on the first $10 million ( 20 times the average wealth per family ), rising progressively from there to a  top  marginal  rate of  80%  over $50  million.  [ the  pre- Reagan  top  rate  was  77%  over  $10 million ]    This  top  rate  would  hit  only  the  richest  of  our  richest  1%  and  yield  about  16 trillion dollars,    enough  to  eliminate  our  national  debt  upon  their  demise;   --  and  their  heirs  would   still  be  the  richest  of  the  richest  1%.

     But suppose that our super-rich decide not to pay,  and they leave America instead?  Under U.S. law  renunciation of citizenship  does not  relieve tax liability,   and tax evasion is a  criminal offense.    If we could catch Bin Laden,   we can catch them.

      Fortunately,  despite all of our problems,  there really  is  hope;  because the majority  have  the votes  to elect  Lincolnites.  think  real  Democrats  )

      What  would Lincolnites do to cure our morally ill  economy ??   Tax estates and income progressively; Eliminate all federal taxes on household income under $40,000 a year;  End outsourcing by restoring tariffs on slave wage nations;  End overseas military occupations and secure our borders;  Eliminate corporate taxes in exchange for a living minimum wage for all working adults ( at least $15 an hour today ); Reduce the work week; Nationalize the Federal Reserve;  and raise the annual revenue that we need to rebuild our infrastructure, restore the environment, and provide services for our disabled, sick,  and elderly.

    How  would Lincolnites raise that revenue ??  Through a Jeffersonian geometrically progressive income tax increase, starting  to rise at $250,000 a year, on any combination  of all forms of household income   --- including  stock  grants,  options,  dividends  and  capital  gains.

     Why  any combination of all forms of income ??   To eliminate loopholes that allow massive  theft  and  accumulation  of  wealth  by  'entitled'  predators.

      Rising to  what  level  ??    At minimum  the  pre-Reagan  top  rate of  70%  on  marginal  household  income  over  $400,000  a  year.

  America now has a government of, by and for the predators because they are bribing our lawmakers  with  campaign contributions,   or  promises  of  retirement jobs  worth  millions.

(  these  two  forms  of  bribery  make  term  limits  nonsensical  )

But let's be honest, not critical;  -- how many of us would refuse to sell a few votes for a retirement  job  worth  millions,   --  particularly  if  " everyone  else  is  doing  it "  ?


    Laws are the soul of a nation, and lawmaking is the most important job in a nation. The bribing of our lawmakers must be stopped, and there is only one sure way to  stop it; --  entirely public financing of campaigns,  commensurate pay,  and mandatory  retirements  for life  on  government pensions.

    The cost would be less than five billion dollars a year;  - a small price to pay for a  government  of, by,  and  for all  of our people.





" A nation may be said to consist of its territory,  its people,  and its laws.  The territory is the only part which is of certain durability.  Our national strife springs not from our permanent part,  not from the land we inhabit,  not from our national homestead. 

Our strife pertains to ourselves  -- to the passing generations of men.  It is the  eternal  struggle between these two principles   --- right and wrong;   the one is the common right of humanity, 

and the other the divine right of kings.  It can without convulsion be hushed forever with the passing of one generation.

We shall nobly save,  or meanly lose the last,  best hope of earth. " 


                                                                                 ----   Abraham Lincoln


             Go back to the beginning and read the 

   quotations again,

            today only the words are theirs,

                                the responsibility is ours.

                                                                          For a Fair America,

                                                                                                John Gutta

I am a 2016 democratic candidate for Congress from the 6th District of Massachusetts.  My  book "For a Fair America; the cure for our sick  economy"  is the cornerstone of my campaign. ( Amazon sells it with a dollar royalty to me )  Please consider the excerpts below carefully;

particularly the historical arguments for economic justice and the five core policies of classical  ( real )  Capitalism  -- the only moral and rational way to reverse our national decline.  It needs and deserves your support. 

        " Capital may be produced by industry and accumulated by economy,  but only jugglers will propose to create it by legerdemain tricks with paper."   -- Thomas Jefferson

        Consider a few varieties  of juggling predators  and the effects of their tricks with paper

( their  fraud  ):

  --- like corporate raiders,  spawned by Wall Street in the 1980's,  who buy asset rich companies, and then recover the purchase price and extract great profits for themselves by issuing debt against the assets of the companies;  --  the  debt of  course  to  be  repaid  by  layoffs,   wage  and benefit cuts,  and harder work for the remaining employees.  If the companies fail and everyone loses their jobs,  so what;  - the predators already have their money.   What do these predators produce?  -- Nothing

 ---  or like the savings and loan CEO's of the 1980's,  who ( after Reagan foolishly deregulated S&L's and gave them FDIC protection against loss ) used FDIC insured money to give fraudulent loans to swindlers building imaginary homes and malls in deserts,  and  to give themselves tens of millions in compensation packages.  What did these predators produce?  --- Nothing

 ---  or like the "investment" bankers of the last decade,  deregulated by Reaganites and guided by Goldman Sachs,  who knowingly  financed and packaged tens of thousands of sure to fail  jumbo NINJA home loans into tens of billions worth of  sure to fail  Mortgage Backed Securities and fraudulently sold them all over the world;  -- but not before they created the derivatives they needed to place tens of billions in bets that those securities would  fail.  What did these predators contribute to the economy?   --- Nothing

 --- or like the hedge fund market manipulators of today, most of them now working directly with government insured banks since the repeal of the Glass--Steagall Act, who are using the large pools of depositors' money now available to them to buy futures contracts on stocks or commodities ( place bets on the direction of short term prices ), and then buy or short sell just enough of the stocks or commodities  to collect on their bets.   What  are  these  predators  contributing  to  our  economy?    --- Nothing

 --- or like that sweet old man in Omaha,  Warren Buffett,  who spent most of his life eating hamburgers,  drinking Coke,  and talking on the phone with his investment bankers at Goldman Sachs.  Did Warren Buffett  produce  the fifty billion dollars worth of wealth that he now owns by his labor,  or did he take it  from the producing class through tricks with paper and the help  of Goldman Sachs ?

     There is only one  rational  answer to that question.

    All of these free enterprise activities should be forbidden by law or penalized by progressive taxation,  and before the Reaganites took control of our government all of  them were.  Bribed Reaganite lawmakers turned our "shining city on a hill" into a swamp and  the scum  rose to  the top.

       But what about 'the great' Steve Jobs ???   Until he moved their factories to China Apple's  stock  was  worth  only  $7 a share;   --  Chinese  slaves  made  him  a  billionaire.


In summary:  Laws can always make fraud legal,  but they can never make fraud right; there  never  was and there  never  will be a  fair  way  to  "make"  a  great fortune.

And that is why,  as Jesus said;  -- "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle  than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."




    " Government,  possessing the power to create and issue currency and credit as money, and enjoying the right to withdraw currency and credit from circulation by taxation and otherwise,   need  not  and  should  not  borrow capital  at interest. "   --  Abraham Lincoln

    Which brings us to the greatest scam of them all; - that privately owned corporation, cunningly called the  "Federal" Reserve,  that buys all of our currency from us ( the nation )   for a penny  a note,   and then  lends  it back  to us  ( the nation )  for face value plus interest.

     The proof for this statement is contained in quotations from economics textbooks, primarily  those  from  pages  237  and  238  of  a  Federal Reserve  bankers'  handbook  --  "The Federal Reserve System" edited by H.V. Procknow,  vice president of The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago   ---

   " All paper currency is in the form of Federal Reserve Notes issued by Federal Reserve Banks. . Federal Reserve Banks are owned by the member banks in their districts. . Federal Reserve Notes are produced at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in denominations ranging from $1 to $10,000. . The Reserve Banks pay only the cost of producing  their notes, about one cent per note,  no matter what the denomination."  

      So there it is in print for anyone to read;  -- All the currency of America was produced by our government and sold to private bankers for a penny a note no matter what the denomination.  The bankers then lent it back to the government,  or to the general public,  for face value plus interest.

     The interest on " their " currency has been compounding since 1913,  and "We the People" now owe the bankers more than 14 trillion dollars;  -- almost all of it unpayable interest charges  for the  existence  of our national currency.

    The producers of that currency,  the printing press operators,  didn't charge our nation trillions of dollars in unpayable interest;   predators who  produced  Nothing   did.

         To demonstrate that the interest is unpayable,  Lend a dollar to a friend at 5% interest;  -- obviously he can repay you by working for someone else in our nation who pays him the dollar and the interest.

         But now let your friend represent the entire nation including the government,  and the dollar all of the currency;  -- your friend could return your dollar,  but where could he get the interest?   The answer is obvious;  -- there is nowhere he could get it.

     Furthermore,  if he returned the dollar ( the principal ),  there would be no currency left in the nation and almost all economic activity would end.

  The Capitalist remedy??  -- Nationalize  the Federal Reserve to create a publicly owned central bank that,  through federal deficit spending,  injects a publicly owned national currency  into  our economy ,  principal  and  interest  free to the government ,  at  a  rate  tied  by  law  to  domestic  wealth  production. 

      The last condition,  tied by law to  domestic wealth production,  is vitally important for two reasons:

      First;   --  a nation always devalues its currency when it creates money at a faster rate than  the labor of  its people  produce wealth at home.

    Second;  -- a nation always devalues its currency when it buys more wealth from abroad than  the labor of  its people  produce and export from home.

      Consequently a Capitalist economy must be  domestic  labor  based;  and a Capitalist nation should produce all of the goods and services that it can at home,  and buy nonrenewable   resources  (  like oil )  from  abroad.


        Labor was the first price,   the  original  purchase-money   that  was  paid  for  all things.  It was  not  by gold  or by silver,  but  by labor,  that  all the wealth  of the world   was  originally  purchased. "

(  Note:  This is an argument for a  labor based  economy.  )

      "  Money,  no  doubt,  makes  always  a  part  of  the  national  capital,  but  it  makes  always  the  most  unprofitable  part  of  it.   The  great  wheel  of  circulation  [ money ]  is  altogether  different  from  the  goods  that  are  circulated  by  means  of  it. "

(  Note:  This is an argument for a  publicly owned  medium of exchange. )

     " By  preferring  the  support  of  domestic  to  that  of  foreign  industry,   he  [ a busi-

nessman ] intends only his own security;  and by directing that  [ domestic ] industry in such a manner as its produce may be of greatest value,  he intends only his own gain,  and   he  is  in  this  led  by  an  invisible  hand  to  promote  an  end   [ the  good  of  his country ]  which  was  no part  of  his  intention." 

      " By means of glasses,  hotbeds,  and hotwalls  [ heated greenhouses ],  very good grapes can be raised in Scotland,  and very good wine too can be made of them  -- at about thirty times the expense for which equally good wine can be brought from abroad.  Would it be a reasonable law  to prohibit the importation of  all foreign wines? "

  (  Note:  Adam Smith is  arguing for domestic  manufacturing and  natural  advantage;

not  Reaganite  outsourcing  for  slave  wage  advantage.  )

    " The ultimate object [ of Capitalism ] is to enrich the country by an advantageous balance of trade. It discourages the export of the materials of manufacture [ natural resources ],  and of the instruments of trade  [ machinery and factories ],  in order to give our own workmen an advantage.   It encourages the importation of the materials of manufacture,  in order that our own people may work them up more cheaply,  and thereby prevent a greater and more valuable importation of the manufactured commodities."  

( Note:  Read this statement by Adam Smith again carefully and you will see that the Reaganites have us doing  exactly  the  opposite.   The effects?  ---  high domestic unemployment,  depressed producing class wages,  trade deficits,  and soaring profits for our predator class.  )

     " In reality high profits tend much more to raise the price of work than high wages. The rate of profit of merchants and master manufacturers is naturally low in rich,  and high in poor countries, and it is always highest in the countries which are going fastest to ruin."  

( Note:  This is an argument for Jeffersonian progressive taxation.  Thanks to the Reaganites' flat tax rates and outsourcing the aggregate profit of our predator class is now over twenty trillion  dollars,   and  we  are  on  the road  to ruin.  )

      " A man must always live by his work, and his wages must be at least sufficient to maintain him. They must even upon most occasions be somewhat more; otherwise it would be impossible for him  to bring up a family." 

(  Note:  This  is  an argument  for a  minimum  wage  that  will  support  a  family.  )

      " Whenever the legislature attempts to regulate the differences between masters and their workmen,  its counselors are always the masters.  [ Beware the laws ] which the clamour of our merchants and manufacturers have extorted [ bought ] from the legislature  for the support  of their own absurd  and oppressive monopolies;   Like  the laws  of Draco,  these laws  may be said to be  all written in blood." 

 (  Note:   This  is  an  argument  for  publicly  supported  lawmakers.  )

     " The proposal of any new law or regulation of commerce which comes from this order [ merchants and master manufacturers ] ought never to be adopted till carefully examined with the most suspicious attention.  It comes from an order of men who have an interest to deceive and oppress the public, and who accordingly have, upon many occasions,  both deceived and  oppressed it."

(  Note:  This is an argument for fair enterprise.   Study the philosophy of business school superstar CEO's [ like "neutron Jack" Welch ] who are bribing our lawmakers; -  anything  legal   goes,   profits  first,   products  second,   and  people  last. )


     " Every man,  so long as he does not violate the laws of justice,  is left perfectly free to pursue his own interest in his own way."

(  Note:  This  is  Adam Smith's  declaration  for  liberty and economic justice !   )



  " A man must always live by his work,  and his wages must be at least sufficient to maintain him.  They must even upon most occasions be somewhat more;  otherwise it would be impossible for him to bring up a family. "  -- Adam Smith in  Wealth of Nations


    Every  American can't be a college educated genius as the weak minded now in Washington propose.  Every  society has people with a wide range of abilities, and people of  all abilities need living wage jobs.  Our domestic economy must provide those jobs  once  again.    And  it very easily  can.    Consider the following :

        We now import over a trillion dollars worth of computers, cell phones, TV's, toys, furniture, appliances, tools, clothes, and car parts annually from countries like China, Mexico, Indonesia, and India;  -- corrupt Third World nations where tens of millions are kept desperately poor so that they must accept less than $4000 a year and work 70 hours  a week  just to survive  like animals  in polluted slums  or crowded barracks.

         Do some arithmetic;  -- one trillion dollars worth of Third World imports divided by 14 million workers  equals a little over  $70,000  a worker.

        So;  if we restored tariffs on slave wage nations and saved a trillion dollars by making  products we now import,  we would create 14 million manufacturing jobs worth $70,000  a year,  eliminate our  500 billion dollar trade deficit,  and have  500 billion left to  buy all of the oil that we need.  ( not want;  human greenhouse effects can be reversed  -- look up breeder reactors )  We could even afford enough oil ( a nonre-newable  national   resource  )   to  put  some  back in the ground  for future  generations.

(   Note:   Because the  World Trade Organization  mandates  permanent  most favored nation  status  [ MFN ]  for all  of  its  members,   we  should  withdraw  from  the  WTO.

 But  in  2000,  our  Congress  [  John Tierney  included ]  voted  to  remain  in  the  WTO.  The  result ?    A  massive  increase  in  outsourcing  to  " most  favored "  slave  wage  members  like  China,  Mexico,  Indonesia,  and  India.  )

     Over 2500 years ago a Greek named Aesop told a story about a lion,  -- the king of the beasts :

       " A lion and other animals formed a corporation to provide food.  The fox made the plans;  the birds found the food;  the dogs tracked it down;  the wolves dispatched it;  the oxen carried it back;  and the lion divided it. 

       After he divided it the lion took one share of the meat for himself because he was their leader,  and he took the rest because he was the king of the beasts.  The sinews and bones were all that he left. "

     The wisdom of this ancient fable still applies today.  Those at the top of a corporation decide the value of every member's contribution; including their own. ( through interlocking boards of directors )

     And,  like Aesop's predatory lion,  they usually decide that they  'earned' and should get a lion's share of the profits. ( through some combination of salary, bonuses, stock grants, and stock options  )

      Consequently effective progressive taxation is absolutely necessary  to recover shares  unfairly taken  by predators  and return them  to the producers ;  ---

   "Another means of silently lessening the inequality of property is to exempt all from taxation below a certain point, and to tax the higher portions of property in geometrical progression as they rise."   -- Thomas Jefferson

    How equal should we be ?  --  history and logic suggest that the richest households should  have  no  more  than  twenty   times  the  average  wealth  of  all  households.

(  Note:  Today  " exempt all  below  a  certain  point "  means  no  federal  taxes  of  any  kind,   including   payroll  taxes,  on  the  first  $40,000  of  household  income;  or the first  $10 million  of  estates.  )

P.S.    What  can  you  do  to  end  plutocracy  and  Reaganism  in  America?    You  can  help  a  real  democratic  candidate  for  real  Capitalism  win  an  election,    or  even  become  one  yourself.   How?    Consider the  following:

       The  five  core  policies  of  real  Capitalism   ---  printed  on  a  sign  as  they  appear  to  the  right  of  the  picture  of  my  book  above,  and  my  $5  contribution  limit  were  so  popular  that  I  was  personally   able  to  collect  2600  signatures  to  get  my  name  on  the  ballot  for  a  U.S.  House  seat.  (  even  registered  Republicans   were  asking  permission  to  sign  in  support  )

         And so,  using  that  platform,  a  few people  could collect the 13,000  raw  signatures  needed  to get a  real  democrat  on  the ballot  for a  U.S.  Senate  seat.

        The  rest  of  a  democratic  campaign  is  even  easier:   Set  up  a  website  promoting  real  Capitalism,   ask  people  to  read  it,   to  recommend  it  to  others,  and  to  vote   --  particularly  in the  primaries!

           If  enough of  us  choose  to  actively  support  such  campaigns   all  over  our  country ,  and  to  reject  all  candidates  running  moneyed  campaigns  because  they  are  moneyed,   the  plutocratic  predator  class   can't   retain  control  of  our  government.

(  2014  primary  post-mortem:   Mass.  6th  Democrats  had  five  choices  in their  2014  primary  and  they  picked  Seth  Moulton,  --  the  least  democratic.     If   We  the  Voters  don't  stop  nominating  " well-funded " [  bribed  ]  candidates  in  our  primaries  America  will  remain  the  World's  largest  free  trading,  flat  taxing  banana  republic.  )


P.P.S.    Hot button positions:  ---

Affordable care:   If you have health you need health insurance;   -- public option for all.

Illegal immigrants:   Secure our borders;  provide a path to citizenship for those already here;   federally

                                    mandate living minimum wage for all working adults;  and restore tariffs on slave

                                    wage nations to create tens of millions of jobs,   -- more than enough for everyone.


Gun rights:   Recreational shooting and hunting should be allowed in restricted areas;  carrying in

                       populated areas by local law enforcement permit.   Weapons of mass slaughter should be

                       banned.  Instant point-of-sale background checks by pictured citizenship card.

Territorial waters:   6th district commercial fishing grounds are for 6th district fishermen.

Reproductive rights:   Pro-contraception;  -- Earth is  overpopulated.  

                                       (  abstinence is anti-sex contraception  )

Right to life:   Mandatory adoption of all unwanted children by registered pro-life activists. 

                        (  children placed by lottery  )

Abortion rights:    Pro-choice up to 20 week pain threshold,  health and quality of life reasons afterward. 

                                (  see right to life above  )

Gay rights:    harm no-one.

4 dead in Benghazi:   3,000 dead in NYC  ( and two hopeless wars )  because the Bush

                                       administration ignored FBI warnings about known terrorists taking flying

                                       lessons in Florida.

Middle east policy:   Get out and stay out militarily;  -- unsophisticated tribal religious fanatics can't 

                                     be pacified,   and they  should be  no threat to us.   ( see Bush above )

Palestine policy:   The U.N. made the  Holy Land  of  three major religions  a  Jewish  state.  The U.N. should

                                correct that mistake by making it a  neutral,  U.N. controlled and policed religious shrine.

                                (  to the dismay of our Bible literalists,  this would avoid Armageddon  }


Dec.11, 2014:   The House spending bill includes Reaganite riders that significantly increase freedom for predators to scam or to bribe.  One weakens regulations on derivatives, the other increases donor campaign spending limits by hundreds of thousands.  Closet Reaganites Obama and Harry Reid are urging House Democrats to vote for the bill.   It should be opposed until those riders are removed.

Dec. 12,  2014:   It  wasn't.

Dec.  2014:    For  the  last  30  years,  like  the  big  enders  and  little  enders  of  Lilliput,   both  Democrat  and  Republican voters  have  been  arguing  that  their  free-trading,  flat-taxing,  bribed  lawmakers  are  better  problem  solvers  than  the  other  side's  free-trading,  flat-taxing,  bribed  lawmakers.  

Open  your  eyes,  voters;  -- The  problem  is  free-trading,  flat-taxing,  bribed  lawmakers.

​Feb.  2015:   Our  'Christian'  right  sees  it  wrong;    --  the  gods  of  America  are  those  with  the  gold.

March   2015:   In  every society  throughout  history  there have been  three classes  of  human behavior;  ---  the predatory,   the productive,   and  the parasitic.    Reaganites  believe  that  the  parasites  have  been  the  successful  ( dangerous )  takers ;   Lincolnites  believe  that  the  predators  have  been  the  successful  ( dangerous )  takers.    The  richest  of  our  richest  1%   have  a  combined  net  worth  of  20

 trillion  dollars ;   the  bottom  40%  a  combined  net  worth  of  nothing.     ---  So  which  side  is  right ?

​March   2015:    Reason  is  not  common  sense.